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bbw fetish clips

Big Girl Gone Wild 11.99

This Sexy clip has it all! POV Dildo Sucking,Titty Fucking,Booty Shakin,Pussy Ponding,Belly Worship and DIRTY TALK. This horny BBW went all out. I was up late and needed to cum in the worst way. So I grabbed my biggest dildo then sucked and fucked it. Lots of belly rubbing and thigh jiggles. You will love it. Read more →

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pizza burping

Leftover Pizza Burps 8.99

I woke up hungry for leftover pizza. Watch me stuff my face and then wash it down with cream soda. It was so good I couldn’t stop myself from burping over and over with each bite. I even do my happy fat girl jiggle while eating. At the end you see how swollen my belly is and that’s when the… Read more →

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burping porn

Burping & Watching Porn $5.99

I like to watch porn before I get ready for live camshows. It helps to get the juices flowing. Tonight I decided to watch and record my reaction while burping. Belching is so natural to me and at times can be very orgasmic. Why not combine porn watching with me favorite fetish…burping? Tweet me @pussybythepound to find out what kind… Read more →

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