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bbwtajathick burping fetish

BBWTajaThick Burping Teaser

^^CLICK ON TITLE FOR BURPING PREVIEW^^ After a huge Sunday meal I realized while sitting on the porch that I was extremely bloated and gassy. So after a few natural burps I decided to start recording on my phone. Sorry it was at night with zero lighting, hence the reason I call thise BBWTajaThick Burping In The Dark I added… Read more →


I have so many more fetish clips and erotic mp3’s to add to my new site. But it’s gonna take me a bit to get it all up and running. It takes time when you have a catalogue of over 300 filthy and completely depraved items to upload. Just be patient. In the meantime you can still book a sexy BBW Camshow Live On Skype.